Everyone who knew my parents always told me the same thing:  theirs was a real love story.  Sadly, their time together was cut short.

This web site is dedicated to the memory of our parents, May and Bernard Blieden. Over the years, I somehow I became known as the family historian, as I was always collecting  anecdotes and photos of the people I loved and knew as a child. I always had a desire to preserve this information for my children, my nieces and nephews, and now my grandchildren and the next generation so that they would know them, too.

As I gathered the information, I wanted to know more about my grandparents, especially since I had never met my grandfathers.  Then I wanted to learn more about their families, and so on. It has been quite an interesting journey, and a never-ending one, trying to learn as much as I can about my ancestors.  I hope to update the pages as I learn new information, so come back often and reread the pages to learn new facts.

My blog will contain some of the back-stories of how I met some of the people who helped me in my research in addition to other stories and insights.

I hope you enjoy learning about my family.

May and Bernie:

Their story


Our Father’s Family:

The Blieden Family – our paternal grandfather and his ancestors

The Abramowitz Family – our paternal grandmother and her ancestors


Our Mother’s Family

The Wosnitzer Family – our maternal grandfather and his ancestors

The Laber Family – our maternal grandmother and her ancestors

The Kessler Family – our maternal birth grandfather and his ancestors

The Feldman Family – our maternal birth grandmother and her ancestors



Note: All photographs are from the private collection of Tara Rothman and may be used with permission only. Please contact me if you want to copy any for you personal use.