The clips listed below were taken in CA by Harold Cronson in 1988.  Harold, and his Aunt Esther, try to get Abe (Poppy) Kessler to talk about his life.  In the video clips, Abe is 92 years old and sadly, his memory is failing. Abe is Harold’s grandfather and Esther’s father.  Harold’s brother, Arthur, rediscovered the VHS tape in his basement and had it digitized.  I separated the movie into short clips. Enjoy! Tara  
Click on the title of each video clip to view it. A brief explanation of what you will see in each clip.
The Haircut Clip Harold and his Aunt Esther encourage Poppy to talk about a haircut he once got in San Antonio.  Neelah, Poppy’s aide, is also in the room.
Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren Clip Harold and his Aunt Esther try to get Poppy to talk to his great-grandchildren.  They end up talking about Harold’s brother, Steven, and his dentistry practice.
Finland Clip

Poppy talks about why he was sent to Finland and what he did there.

NY Winters Clip Poppy also talks about NY winters when he was young.
Playing the Mandolin Clip Poppy is most eager to talk about the songs he wrote and enjoys playing the mandolin for Harold and his daughter, Esther.  As he plays, he keeps reverting back to the same song.
A Final Message Clip Although Esther and Harold try to get Poppy to leave a message for his great-grandchildren, Poppy keeps talking about his music.