These videos were taken by Harry Bricker, Jud Bricker’s father, between 1932 – 1935. They depict his family and relatives in Brooklyn, at Rockaway Beach and in the Adirondacks on vacation. They are listed here in the order they appeared on the DVDs. They were originally filmed on 8 mm tape, then converted to VHS by Jud Bricker and finally transferred by Jud to DVD. Jud mailed me 2 DVDs which I then digitized and separated into short clips. I have grouped the clips from each DVD separately. Enjoy! Tara Note: Arnold was born in 1925 and Jud was born in 1927
From DVD 1
Click the title of each video clip to view it. An explanation of what you will see in each clip.
Climbing Trees Reve Bricker and her niece Mildred Blieden climb trees with Jud and Arnold.
Reve and Mickey Reve Bricker and her niece Myra (Mickey) Blieden frolic in the park. Jud is also there playing.
At Play Watch Arnold and Jud at play. Note what toys were popular back then! Also, their cousin, Elaine Sudden, and her mother Edna Bricker, appear along with Reve. Elaine currently lives in LA and is in her late 80’s (as of 2016).
Hannah and Rose Hannah Blieden is surrounded by her oldest daughter, Rose (Lilly Rose) Blieden Handler and members of her family before they get into cars for the drive back to Harrisburg, PA. Rose is Reve’s oldest sister. Reve can be seen jumping up and down and Jud and Arnold are playing with a wagon.  Dr. B. Milton Garfinkle, his wife, Rebecca (Rose’s daughter), and their children, MIlton and Tina are getting into the car.
Two Ladies The Bricker family, including Hannah Blieden, is outside walking. I do not know who the lady on the right is. The scene then switches to Hannah Blieden walking with her nurse. Reve comes out to help while Jud and Arnold ride bikes.
Mildred and her Grandmother Mildred Blieden is walking with her grandmother, Hannah, and her Aunt Rose Blieden Handler. Once Hannah is seated we see her son-in-law, Harry Bricker, kiss her hand. We then also see Reve and Jud and Arnold.
Rose and her brother Abe Hannah is seated as she is saying good-bye to Rose and her family before they return to Harrisburg, PA. Her son, Abe Blieden (the last man to kiss Hannah), is also visiting from Kansas City, Missouri. Reve, Jud and Arnold also give kisses. Milton and Tina Garfinkle (Rose’s grandchildren) are in the rumble seat at the very end of the clip.
Bricker’s 70th Anniversary Harry Bricker’s parents celebrate their 70th anniversary. Various Bricker family members kiss them congratulations.
Harvey, Gussie and Mildred Mildred walks with her Mother and Father, Gussie and Harvey Blieden, in Brooklyn, NY.