Pesa, also known as Pauline Blieden Nieburg (Niburg), we believe was born to Mordekhl and Fruma.

She married Aaron Nieburg and they had 6 children:

  • Ephraim who married Minnie Abramson
  • Itzig Nieburg
  • Marcus Neiburg
  • Moses Nieburg
  • Behr Nieburg
  • Sara Nieburg who married Mr. Wolfson. Sarah died on April 20, 1927 and is buried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. It is on her death certificate that we see her mother, Pesa, called Pauline.
Sarah Wolfson Death Record

Pesa died in 1886 at age 85. She died in Tukkum, Latvia which was part of Courland. Her husband, Aaron, died before her.

Pesa Niburg death index

Thank you to

  • Ben Lipkowitz for his excellent research and for finding this female Bliden relative.