Rudolph, known as Rudy, was the last child born to Esther and Morris Feldman. He was born September 5, 1910.

He was about 14 months old when his mother, Esther, passed away.  His father, Morris, kept the family together, and so Rudy was always surrounded by loving siblings and family. He was especially close to Ida who helped raise her younger siblings.

Even after his mother, Esther, died, the family continued to move around.

In 1915, the family lived at 1855 Prospect Street.

Peter and Rudy Feldman
Brothers Peter and Rudy Feldman
circa 1916

In 1920, he lived at 707 Vermont Street.  His married sister, Ida, also lived there with her husband, Isadore Rosenberg. 

Morris Feldman with 2 of his sons, Peter and Rudy in 1920.
Brothers Peter and Rudy with their father, Morris 1920
Rudy Feldman

By 1930, he was living at 1925 Rockaway Parkway.  Ida had moved out, but his sister, Bertha and her husband and son, now lived with them.

As a child he contracted Scarlet Fever. Penicillin was not yet discovered and his heart was weakened.

Various family members have described Rudy as being very tall and lanky.  He was about 6’1”. His hair was so light when he was a child, it looked white.  He is remembered as having a cheerful and fun- loving disposition. He was especially close to his father.

Rudy once took a trip out west with some friends by car.  He visited the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and the Petrified Forest. He brought his niece, Estelle Rosenberg Eisler, back a piece of petrified wood which she treasured for many years.

Sadly, he passed away at age 24 on June 1, 1935.   At the time, he was working as a clerk in his uncle’s confectionary store and was engaged to be married to a lovely girl named Rose.  

He is buried in Montifiore Cemetery in Queens, NY.  The family was devastated when their Rudy died.

Rudy Feldman Death Certificate - 1935
Care for Rudy Feldman's Grave - 1949
Rudy Feldman's tombstone contract.

With much sadness, Morris made the arrangements for his son’s tombstone.