Note: as of July of 2022, based on my current research and on cousins’ family trees that were compiled by professional genealogists, I am stating that Isaac was the father of my Ber. There were several Ber’s in Zagare born around the same time who appear to be first cousins. This has led to much confusion trying to straighten out which Ber belongs to which father. This could change once again as new documents become available, but, for now, I feel that Isaac is my great-great-great grandfather.

We do not know much about Isaac. We believe his father was Iudel and his grandfather was Ber. We also believe he lived in Old Zagare.

Besides Ber, based on entries in the All Lithuania Revision List Database and the Lithuania Taxpayers and Voters Database, it looks like Abram and Eyzer were also sons of Isaac.

Isaac in Old Zagare

Based on DNA amounts shared with many extended Blieden cousins, we also feel that Isaac had a few brothers: Arye Leib, and Morkekhel There were probably other siblings we are not aware of. To read more about their families, click on their names under Isaac’s siblings in the main menu.

We also do not know the name of Isasc’s wife, but, based on the tax and voter list in, we believe he had several sons: Eyzer, Ber, Shumel, and possibly Abram.

We know that he had a son, Shumel, but like the other given names, there are a few Shumel’s born to different Izaks around the same time. We are making the assumption that Nochman, son of Shumel, is the Shumel who is the brother of our Ber. Also, we say possibly Abram since the only record we have for him is a school record from New Zagare while our Izak lived in Old Zagare. It is possible that his son attended school in New Zagare, though.

Ber is my great-great-grandfather. Click on Ber under the Isaac menu to learn more about him.

Tax and Voter list for Blieden