The Leber / Laber / Leiber family  –  various family members used all of those different spellings of their name at different points in time

Max Leber had 2 families.  He had 6 children with his first wife, Bertha Wolf.  When she died, he married Taube Binder and had 6 more children with her. He emigrated with his family from Galicia in the Austrian Empire and Taube raised all 12. Max died in 1916 when his youngest child, Harry, was only 12 years old.  At the same time, his oldest daughter, Ida, was about 44. From what I’ve learned about the families, it appears that the first 6 children were more serious and 2 sons even became lawyers.  Taube’s children were more fun-loving and loved being around the theater, including burlesque, and theater people. See if you agree with me after reading about all of them.  What you will read about in this section includes:
  • Leber Origins
  • Max Laber and Toby Binder
  • Minnie
  • Minnie’s Siblings:
    • Rose
    • Hannah
    • Ray (Rachel)
    • Goldie
    • Harry
  • Minnie’s Half Siblings
  • The House of Four Sisters