In the spring of 2023, I did a major overhaul to this section. Here are the changes:

  • I created individual pages for Hirsch and Etel
  • I created individual pages for each one of Hirsch and Etel’s children under the Gussie Siblings menu
  • I added a link to Harvey and Gussie’s children. Now you can get to their pages from either the Blieden menu or from the Abramowitz menu
  • I added a video clip section for home videos clips

When I started this website in April 2018, we did not know that much about our Abramowitz ancestors.  However, we are starting to learn:

  • Where they originated from
  • How Gussie’s father got the designation of HaLevy
  • Where Gussie’s siblings immigrated to
  • About the life of the siblings who remained in Latvia during the Holocaust

To learn more about my paternal grandmother, Gussie Abramowitz Blieden, see the Gussie page under the Abramowitz menu.

We still need to learn:

  • the names of the two brothers who emigrated to South Africa
  • the married name of Chana Mera and what happened to her family after she died
  • who Yael Abramowitz was and why we have a photo of her
  • the connection to the name Abramson HaLevy
  • whether or not we are related to Abramowitz’ from Romania and Lithuania since I do share DNA with people from these Abramowitz branches.
  • whether or not we are related to Abramowitz HaLevy from Belarus. At least some of this branch changed their name to Allen in the United States.

I hope you will enjoy learning about my Abramowitz branch of the family and what life was life for them before and after coming to the New World.

Thank You

Without input from my siblings, first and second cousins, I never would have learned as much as I did about my Abramowitz Great-Aunts and Great-Uncles. I truly appreciate all the stories and photos they shared to make our ancestors come alive.

Some of the people who contributed are:

  • Amy Blieden
  • Avra Blieden
  • Ira Blieden
  • Arnold Brown
  • Maggie Farkas
  • Helen Friedman
  • Jessica Rich