These videos were taken by Harry Bricker, Jud Bricker’s father, between 1932 – 1935. They depict his family and relatives in Brooklyn, at Rockaway Beach and in the Adirandocks on vacation. They are listed here in the order they appeared on the DVDs. They were originally filmed on 8 mm tape, then converted to VHS by Jud Bricker and finally transferred by Jud to DVD. Jud mailed me 2 DVDs which I then digitized and separated into short clips. I have grouped the clips from each DVD separately. Enjoy! Tara Note: Arnold was born in 1925 and Jud was born in 1927
From DVD 2
Click on the name of each clip to view it. An explanation of what you will see in each clip:
Arnold and Jud Play Brothers Arnold and Jud Bricker play together. Their mother and father, Reve and Harry Bricker, also appear in this clip.
Bricker Grandparents at the Beach Harry Bricker’s parents appear in this clip as well as his siblings and cousins. Jud remembers Sam Levy (Identified in the clip) who is the husband of Fannie Levy, Harry Bricker’s sister. Sam is a commercial artist and in later years painted some pictures of the Candlewood Lake property which Jud still has.
Bricker Cousins at the Beach Arnold and Jud play with the Bricker Cousins at the beach. Their girl cousin is Elaine Sudden, daughter of Edna Bricker. Elaine currently lives in LA.
Bricker Cousins on the Playground Arnold and Jud with their mother and father (Reve and Harry) Bricker. Some cousins appear also.
Baseball with Mom Arnold and Jud play baseball with their mom, Reve Blieden Bricker
Vacation Miniature Golf and Tennis Arnold and Jud play miniature golf and tennis. Their mom, Reve, heps them on the tennis court.
Vacation Exercise Class Reve Blieden Bricker takes part in a group exercise class. Harry Bricker joins them and stands behind her.
Camping Chores You will see Arnold, Jud, Reve and Harry Bricker at their campsite.
Vacation Volleyball and Softball Reve Blieden Bricker plays volleyball and softball while on vacation.
Bricker Cousins on the Lake Rowing on the lake, playing with mom, and more fun in the water with Bricker cousins.
On the Road with Arnold and Jud The Brickers park their car and Arnold, Jud, and their mother Reve admire the scenery.
Traffic! See the traffic on the way to the “revival” meeting.
The “Doctor” Arrives Can you spot Reve at this “meeting”?
Sledding Fun Arnold, Jud, Reve and Harry takes turns on the sled.
Playing with Puppies Arnold, Jud and Reve
Camping Activities Arnold, Jud and Reve and Harry
More Camping Activities Arnold and Jud and Reve
On the Lake with Bricker Cousins Arnold, Jud, Reve and Bricker cousins
Gussie and Harvey Help at the Lake Everyone helps clear the land: Arnold, Jud, Reve, and Harry Bricker, Gussie (Abramowitz) and Harvey Blieden (Reve’s brother), Mildred Blieden (Gussie and Harvey’s daughter). Reve’s mother, Hannah Blieden, rests in a beach chair.
Swimming and Horseback Riding Arnold, Jud, Reve and Harry  
Pets on Vacation Arnold, Jud, Reve, and Bricker cousins and grandparents and their pets  
The Pine Park Play Arnold, Jud, and Reve act in this fun performance. Reve is the old lady!