Hirsch / Girsh / Tvsi / Harry Blieden was born to Mordekhl and Fruma circa 1819 in Staro-Shagarren, Schaulen, Kovno, Lithuania. Around 1862, he married Dora (Dvora) (1820 – 1880). They had one known son, Morris, who was born in 1863 in Zagare.

At some point he moved to Riga, Latvia, and in 1900, he applied for a passport to leave Latvia.

1900 Passport Application for Hirsch Blieden

Also, applying was his cousin, Hillel Tewel (Herman Blieden), who emigrated to South Africa. Hirsch’s son, Morris, was already living in the United States, so that is where the widower, Hirsch, was headed.

The Son Of Hirsch and Dora Blieden

Morris Blieden, 1863 – 1932

Morris was born in September of 1863 to Hirsch and Dora in Zagare, Lithuania. He is their only known child thus far. In 1886, he sailed to America from Hamburg via Liverpool. He settled in Phildelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ship Manifest for Morris Blieden

According to the 1900 US Census, he married Fannie Esrick in 1889 and was a cigar maker. They were living at 725 10th Street in Philadelphia.

1910 Census for Morris and Fannie

By 1910, he was selling real estate and was able to afford his own home at 823 Wharton Street in Philadelphia.

1910 US Census for Morris Bliden

From 1890 – 1913, Fannie gave birth to 9 children: Anna Blieden Golden, Cecelia Blieden Kaplan, Willie Blieden, Sallie Blieden, Harry Bliden, Bertha Blieden Sklar, Dorothy Blieden Edwards, Ruth Bliden, and Eleanor Rose Bliden.

During the 1918 Flu Epdemic, two of their daugthers got sick: Anna and Cecelia. They were both very sick but the hospital only had room for one of them. Because Cecelia was married and pregnant at the time, they decided to admit her. Anna, not receiving any care, sadly passed away. She was also married and left 2 young sons and her husband.

Anna Bliden Golden Death Certificate

In 1922, Fannie and Morris live in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Their son, Harry, lives with them.

1922 Directory Listing for Atlantic City

By 1930, Morris changed professions again and was now a salesman in the whole dry goods industry. He now lived at 42 12th Street back in Phildelphia.

Morris Blieden
Morris Blieden
Fannie Esrick Blieden
Fannie Esrick Blieden

Morris died on October 12, 1932.

He is buried in Montefiore Cemetery, Jenkintown, Montgomery Country, Pennsylvania, Section N, Lot 767, Grave 4 in the Organization Independent Association of Love Brothers.

Fannie outlived him and died on May 22, 1960.

Morris Bliden headstone

The children and grandchildren of Morris and Fannie were:

  • Anna Blieden Golden (1890 – 1918)
    • Helen Blieden Corwin
    • Evelyn Blieden Sobol
  • Cecelia Kaplan (1894 – 1958)
    • Albert Ellis Kaplan
    • Elaine Kaplan
    • private Kaplan
  • William Blieden (1897 – 1902)
  • Sallie Blieden (1897 – 1900)
  • Harry Blieden (1899 – 1978)
  • Bertha Blieden Sklar (1903 – 1960)
    • Ronald Sklar
  • Dorothy Blieden Edwards (1905 – 1989)
  • Ruth Blieden Gorchov (1912 – 1955)
  • Eleanor Blieden Shanis (1913 – 1995)
    • Private Blieden Shanis
    • Private Shanis

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