Although my mother was adotped into the Wosnitzer family, and although we do not know how much she new about them, we will always consider them family, and a fascinating one at that.  For generations, most of them stayed in the Tarnow, Galacia, area where some at least were in the hat business.  The few that came to the US, brought this industry knowledge with them. Sadly, many of the ones that stayed in Tarnow perished in the Holocaust. Use the links under the Wosnitzer menu to learn about:
  • the Wosnitzer’s in Galacia
  • Irving’s Early Life in America
  • Irving and Minnie
  • Irving’s Other Marriages
  • Irving’s Siblings
  • The I Watson Hat Company
  • Max Wosnitzer and his family
To learn more about Minnie and her family, use the links under the Laber menu.