Sadly, there were several tragedies in the extended Blieden family.

Harvey Blieden, son of Hannah Wolfson and Aron Blieden had 6 siblings:  Lilly Rose, Herman, Abe, Meyer, Anna and Reeve.

Below is a little bit about each one of them. Also, be sure to check out the video clips under the Blieden menu to see some of them in action.

Rose Lily

Rose Lily Blieden Handler and her son, Bernard

Rose Lily  (Rose L.) 05/15/1875 – 08/13/1943 – married Barnett Handler and settled in the Harrisburg, PA, area.  They had 5 children:

  • Dr. A. Isador married Zelda and had a son Sam who married Florence
  • Rebecca married Dr. B. Milton Garfinkle.  They had 2 children:  Dr. B. Milton Garfinkle, Jr. and Tina
  • Samuel who married Rae Miller.  They had 3 children:  Leslie, Barbara, and Maxine
  • Helen who married Archie Lewy.  They had a son named Barton
  • Dr. Bernard, DDS. He married Winifred Diamond and died from unnatural causes at 36 years old only 5 months after his wedding.


Herman settled in South Africa and married Molle Lazarus.  They had 5 children:

  • Isaac passed away as a medical student in Edinburgh.
  • Robert married Sadie Freeman no children.
  • Samuel married Millie Perwizky sons Hilliard & Martin.
  • Mildred married Jack Simmons sons Ivor, Michael & David.

       Millie and Jack Simmons

  • Fanny married Dave Harris, daughter, Molly-Rose passed away at 12 years old from an accidental gun-shot wound. Molly-Rose was a piano prodigy and had been performing all over Europe.

Here is an excerpt from “The Simmons Saga” by David Simmons which tells about his family:

Mashe Milly Bliden, my mother, was born in Cape Town on 19 February 1911. Her Hebrew name was Mase bat Hillel. She had an older brother, Isaac who went to Edinburugh to study Medicine. He had an operation on his foot, got a tetanus infection and died. Her other brother, Samuel, studied Medicine, then law he married Milly Perwitsky. Her brother Robert, married Sadie Freeman, studied to be a dentist at Guy’s Hospital. Sister, Fanny, married Dave Harris, who had a furniture factory in Cape Town. They had a beautiful house called ‘Shangri-la’ in Avenue Desandt, in Fresnaye looking out over the sea. Their daughter, Rose, was accidentally shot by a neighbour’s son. We sometimes went to stay there for holidays, I remember the large entrance, large veranda overlooking the sea, bathroom, . . . 


Abe – never married.

He is listed n the New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924 Event Date: 06 Oct 1902 Abraham Blieden born 1881 aged 21 and his brother Michel born 1885 aged 17 came from Winden. They travelled from Antwerp on the ship Vaderland to New York Their contact was an uncle Berel Blumberg. They were listed as watchmakers. Page Number: 93 Affiliate Line Number: 0005

Abe was a jeweler and settled in Kansas City, MO.  Later in life, he went to live with his sister, Reve, and her family in Brooklyn, NY.  He died shortly after his nephew, Arnold Bricker died.

Below are some of Abe Blieden’s tools for jewelry making.  My brother, Ira, keeps them in his tool box and still uses some of them.  Also, note the ticket from “Bleaden’s Jewelry Shop” in Chicago.  Was he getting supplies from a relative?

Abe's Tools
Abe Abramowitz' Toolbox
Jewelry Making  Items Used by Abe


Meyer (07/15/1884 – 11/16/1918)

Meyer settled in the Harrisburg, PA, area and married Rose Tuch.  He died in the 1918 flu epidemic right before his daughter, Myra (Mickey) was born.  His sister, Reve, was also sick at the same time, and felt guilty that she recovered and Meyer did not.

He and brother Abe, are listed n the New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924 Event Date: 06 Oct 1902 Abraham Blieden born 1881 aged 21 and his brother Michel born 1885 aged 17 came from Winden. They travelled from Antwerp on the ship Vaderland to New York Their contact was an uncle Berel Blumberg. They were listed as watchmakers. Page Number: 93 Affiliate Line Number: 000

We were always close to Meyer’s daughter, Mickey and visited her every summer, often staying there for a week at a time. Mickey married Alan Spira and had 3 daughters.

Early photo of Mickey (Myra) Blieden


Anna – died young, probably in Latvia and we do not know anything about her


Reve – b. 1896, Latvia, d.  June 26, 1976.  She settled in Brooklyn, NY where she met and married Dr. Harry Bricker who became an elementary school principal.

Reve and Harry Bricker

They had 2 children:

  • Arnold Isiah – 1925 – 1949.  Arnold was a young doctor who went to help out at a boys’ camp during a polio epidemic.  He contracted polio and died enroute to the hospital.
  • Judah N.

My Great-Aunt Reve had endless energy and would swing us around and around as kids.  She is the only adult I knew who could tire out a bunch of kids!  You can see how active she was in the video clips under the Blieden menu.

In 2006, her daughter-in-law, Ruth Bricker, wrote the following about Reve:

Reve Blieden Bricker was born in Riga, Latvia.  She moved to the US with her parents as a very young age.  The family resided in Brooklyn and  she was the youngest.  She attended local schools and graduated from high school.

Reve was a very independent young lady at an early age.  In our house, we have a picture of her attired in a long dress and standing next to a highback chair which was taken by a local photographer.  She was 16 at the time.  The story behind this picture is as follows:  She was arguing with her mother as to when she could wear a long dress (girls wore short dresses until they were young ladies)–she felt she was ready, her mother did not agree.  So Reve saved her trolley fare to school each day–she walked–saved enough to buy a dress and also to go to a photographer, had her picture taken, and went home to announce to her mother, “You see I am to old enough to wear a long dress.”

As a young woman, Reve worked in a real estate office.  She was also very active in support of Women’s Rights and spent many a time speaking on soap boxes for the women’s right to vote.

After Reve and Harry married and had their first son, Arnold Isiah, Reve stayed home to raise her son, as was typical of the time.  Two and a half years later Judah was born.  Arnold became a physician at the age of 22–unfortunately he was struck down (while being a physician at a children’s camp for the summer)by polio in l947.  (The Salk vaccine was not in use until 1952).  Jud graduated from Erasmus High School in Brooklyn in January, l944.  He was drafted into the US Army on August 30, l945.  He was able to attend night school at City College while in the Army–was honorably discharged and continued his education at City College graduating with a degree in Economics, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Columbia University and a law degree from Brooklyn Law School (he has since been awarded a Juris Doctor degree ).  He practiced business and law for a few years but had not yet found his calling.

 He married Ruth Karen Nilsen on July 6, l956 at the home of Rabbi David Eichorn (a head Rabbi of the Armed Forces during WWII and a Rabbinical Scholar in Reform Judaism).  It was a small wedding attended only by Ruth’s parents, Jud’s parents and   Ruth’s sister, Jean, and Jud’s cousin, Bernard Blieden.  At that point, Jud found his true calling in education. He went on to get a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. He began his career teaching mathematics on the High School level and becoming a school administrator 10 years later, until he retired in l984.  They then moved to North Carolina where they have resided ever since.

Jud’s parents spent many happy years entertaining relatives for the summer at their home on Candlewood Lake, Brookfield, CT.  Reve enjoyed having the family around, serving them meals and seeing to their happiness.

Reve died in l976 and was buried alongside her husband in Mt. Judah Cemetery in Queens.  Since she was always a very observant Jew in her home and kept Kosher, she was buried in a shroud and had a person sit with the body prior to the funeral.  This tradition we felt would be in keeping with her beliefs.