Sadly, there were several tragedies in the extended Blieden family.

Harvey Blieden, son of Hannah Wolfson and Aron Blieden had 6 siblings:  Rose LIly, Herman, Abe, Meyer, Anna and Reeve.

Each one of them has their own page under the Harvey SIbling’s. You can learn more about them and their families and see images and documents related to their lives. The only sibling that does not have their own page is Anna, as we can not find any information about her.

Harvey and 4 of his siblings, and his mother, settled in the United States. Actually, Harvey was the last of them to emigrate. The United States siblings, spelled their surname “Blieden”, while Herman, who settled in South Africa, spelled his surname, “Bliden”.

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Harvey Blieden
Rose Lily in 1917
Rose Lily
Abe Blieden


Reve Blieden Bricker
Reve Blossom

In summary, the siblings of Harvey Blieden, son of Hannah Wolfson and Aron Bliden were:

Rose Lily

Rose Lily (circa 1876 – 1943)

Rose LIly married Barnett Handler. They settled in Harrisburg, PA, and had 5 children: Aaron Isador, Rebecca, Samuel, Helen, Bernard.


Herman (1878 – 1932)

Herman settled in South Africa and married Rachel Malke Lazarus.  They had 5 children: Isaac, Robert, Samuel, Fanny, Mildred (Milly/Mase)+


Abe (May 29, 1881 – October 2, 1949)

Abe settled in Kansas City, Missouri. and never married.


Meyer (July 15, 1884 – November 16, 1918)

Meyer settled in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area and married Rose Tuch.  He died in the 1918 flu epidemic right before his daughter, Myra (Mickey) was born. 


Anna – died young, probably in Latvia and we do not know anything about her

Reve Blossom

Reve (circa 1826 –  June 26, 1976)

Reve She settled in Brooklyn, New York, where she met and married Dr. Harry Bricker who became an elementary school principal. They had 2 ons: Arnold Isiah and Judah