Which one of Hannah’s great-nephew’s won a Nobel Prize in Medicine?

Hannah Wolfson’s siblings are Judah, Tanta (Aunt) Wolfson Shapiro, and Tanta (Aunt) Yetta Schocket (Wolfson) Blumberg

Note: Hannah was the daughter of “Wolfson”.  Supposedly, her family can be traced back to Reb Eliahu Wilnar Gaow (1720 – 1798).  He was also known as the Vilna Gaon.  However, I have not been able to prove that. Hannah and Julius had the same father, Yechizkel Vulfson. He was murdered for being Jewish. Their mother remarried and had at least 2 daughters with her second husband, Samuel Schocket..

Judah Wolfson had 5 children:

  • Sarah married Jim Brenner
  • Abe
  • Anne
  • Mitchell
  • Teresa

Tanta Lena Schocket Shapiro – settled in the Chicago area.  She had 5 children:

  • Isadore
  • Minnie who married Mr. Shepps
  • Sam
  • Bessie who married Mr. Schwartz
  • Harry

Tanta Yetta Schocket Blumberg had 4 children

  • Henry – a professor in Ohio
  • Meyer who married Ida and had 3 children
  • Leopold who married Sue Israelit
  • Anne who married Dr. Surnamer and had 2 children
    • Bertram
    • Masso

Outstanding questions:

  • Is Hannah related to the Vilna Gaon?
  • What are the names of her parents?
  • What are the first names of her siblings?