Beattie, Rebecca, Feldman was the 3rd child born to Morris and Esther Feldman.  She was born in Chicago, IL on August 5, 1896.  On her birth certificate her father’s name is listed as Moritz.

Beattie Feldman's birth index

Her family moved around a lot and on each census report, her name is listed differently.

beattie Feldman 1907
Beattie about 11 years old in 1907
  • In 1987, when she was just a year old they were back east in NY.

  • In  1900  they lived at 122 McKibbon Street in Brooklyn and she is listed as Bessie

  • In 1905 they lived at  306 Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn, NY,  and she is listed as Beckie

  • In 1910 they lived at 1887 Beaver Street in Brooklyn and she is listed as Rebecca

  • In 1911, her mother, Esther, died. Her father kept the family together, and the older children help him raise the younger ones.

  • In 1915 they are living at 1855 Prospect Street.  However, the census report is mixed up and they have “Bertha” as an 18 year old daughter working as a saleslady.  (They also list a 16 year old daughter, Beatrice, working as a cashier.  This, I believe, is Bertha, aka Birdie).   Esther, her mother, is still listed on this census report even though she died in 1911.

  • In 1920 they lived at 707 Vermont Street in Brooklyn and she is listed as Beattie.

Beattie attended school through the 8th grade.

Beattie Feldman

She applied for a marriage license to Israel Mandelblatt, aka Izzy, on June 22, 1923.

Beattie Feldman marriage index 1923

In 1925, she and her brother, Samuel, served as witnesses for her husband’s naturalization.  He was born in Patalgk, Russia, on May 15, 1983, and came to the United States on the ship Kroonland leaving from Antwerp, Belgium, on February 11, 1914.

Rose, Izzy, Estelle and Leonard
Beattie, Izzy, and twins,
Estelle and Leonard

By the 1930 census, she was married and had her twins, Estelle and Leonard, and her new son, Albert.  She was living with her husband and children at 737 Georgia Ave. in Brooklyn.

Beattie and Izzy
Beattie and Izzy

By 1935 she had moved again, and according to the 1940 census, she was living with her husband and her children at 2216 E. 7th Street in Brooklyn.  The census also implied that she was living at this address in 1935.

Beattie was very close to Izzy’s sister who lived nearby. The cousins were grew up together and were good friends.

Estelle Rosenberg Eisler, Beatties’ sister Ida’s daughter, remembers Izzy as a lovely, cultured man. He often took her to concerts, and got her her first job. Estelle remembers going to visit Beattie before moving to CA to say goodbye.

Beattie and Izzy Mandelblatt

Izzy, Beattie’s first husband, died on April 20, 1946.  He is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, NY.  She then married Harry Jarolem on 1959. Beattie and Harry took a trip to CA and visited with Estelle Eisler.  Harry told Estelle how much he loved Beattie. According to her niece, Estelle Rosenberg Eisler, Harry had been in love with Beattie when they were young, but she married Izzy. Estelle said that Beattie was a beautiful young girl.

Beattie developed Parkinson’s disease and died on Thanksgiving Day in 1974, from that and from dementia.  She is buried next to Israel in Mt. Hebron Cemetery in flushing, NY. Alberta Mandelblatt, Albert’s wife, remembers that Florence and Esther Kessler both came to their Aunt’s funeral and back to her home afterwards.

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