Peter, also known as Pete, was the 8th child born to Esther and Morris Feldman.  He was named Peddy and was born at home on Aug. 9, 1907, in Brooklyn, NY.

Peter's Birth Certificate

Esther, his mother died when he was about 4 years old.  His father kept the family together which was unusual for the time period.   Often a single parent gave the kids away to relatives or put them in an orphanage.

In 1910, he lived with his family on 197 Beaver Street.  They moved constantly from one apartment to another.

Even after his mother passed away, the family continued to move from place to place.

Peter and Rudy Feldman - circa 1916
Brothers Peter and Rudy Feldman
circa 1916

In 1920, he live on Vermont Street.

Peter, Rudy and Morris Feldman in 1920
Brothers Peter and Rudy with their father, Morris 1920
Siblings Rose and Peter Feldman
Rose and her brother, Peter

In 1925, they lived at 1925 Rockaway Parkway. He was 19 years old and still in school. His married sister, Ida, also lived there with her husband and daughters, Estelle and Shirley. He was especially close to Ida since she helped raise him.

In 1930 when Peter was 22 years old, he lived at 1925 Rockaway Parkway with his family and worked as a clerk in a dry goods store.

From 1935 – 1940, he lived with Ida and her family at 302 Albany Avenue. He had completed 3 years of high school and now worked as a shipping clerk for a dress manufacturer.  At 32 years old, his annual income was $1612.  Today (2019) that would be equivalent to about $29,105.35.

Peter enlisted in the army on Feb. 11, 1943, and served until Oct. 29, 1945.

Peter's Army Info
Peter and neice, Marlene
Peter holding his niece,
Marlene Dittenheimer

While in the army, he saw his nephew, Eddie Wissner, but once they came back to the states they lost touch. Peter was overseas at the war’s end and was involved with the liberation of a camp.

Peter - Army Portrait taken in Paris 1945
Peter – 1945
Peter on vacation
Peter on vacation
Peter and his neice, Essie
Peter and his niece,
Essie Rosenberg

At some point before 1951, he moved to New Jersey where he signed up for a Social Security Number. Ida Feldman Rosenberg’s brother-in-law, Henry Rosenberg, got him a job in a garment factory. Peter worked in the shipping department of the factory. In August of 1952, he married Sophie Peters in South Orange, NJ.

Peter's Marriage Record

He and Sophie did not have any children. His niece, Estelle Eisler, remembers him with great fondness from her childhood.  Cousin David Ockman remembers meeting Sophie and Peter, while Cousin Alberta Mandelblatt, Albert’s wife, called Peter’s wife chic.

1775 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

Peter always had a special spot in this heart for his sister, Ida, since she helped raise him after their mother died.  He even visited Ida several times in CA where his neice, Estelle Rosenberg Eisler, also got to meet his wife, Sophie. Estelle also remembers that Peter was not as tall as his brothers, but was very handsome.

Sohpie, Ida, and Peter in 1956
Sophie, Ida and Peter
Sophie and Peter Feldman

Peter died on August, 16 , 1984 in Hallendale, FL, at age 77. He had lived at 1000 Parkview Dr. Hallandale Beach, FL. He had Parkinson’s Disease.

Peter Feldman Death Info

In 2018, Cousin Estelle Eisler added Peter’s name to the WWII Museum in Washington, DC. The museum is being renovated and is putting up a Wall of Remembrance with names of all people who served in WWII. Estelle wanted Peter Feldman’s name on it.

Peter Feldman WWII Museum

Outstanding Questions:
— Where is Peter buried?

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