Marcy told his wife-to-be that his mother would be coming everywhere with them, including on their honeymoon.

Rose Leber Streicher

Rose Leber - circa 1904
Rose – 1904
Rose Streicher - circa 1948
Rose -1948

Rose was born about 1889 in Tarnow, Galicia in the Austrian Empire, to Taube and Max Leber.  As a baby, she travelled with her mother, her sister Minnie, and her half-siblings to the US in the steerage section of the steamship, Amalfi.

Rose married Sam Streicher.  Later on, her sister, Goldie, would marry Sam’s brother, William (Hilloh).

According to his 1918 WWI draft card, Sam was born on Dec. 22, 1885, and worked in a clothing store, called Columbia Clothing Co.

Sam Streicher !!I Draft Card

In 1918, Sam and Rose lived at 322 Smith St.  Brooklyn. She and Sam had 2 sons, Marcy (b. 1915)  and Wilton (b. 1909).

Rose Streicher 1920 Census

Eventually, Rose lived in the building next door to her sisters, but to save money, when the one bedroom apartment became available, she took it. She and her sister, Minnie, were inseparable.

Grandma Mnnie - Tara -Aunt Rose
Minnie and Rose with Minnie’s Granddaughter, May 
Rose and Sam Streiche with neice May
Rose and Sam Streicher with their neice May

Sam died May 30, 1932, at at about 47 years old.

Sam Streicher Death Info

The 1940 Census shows Marcy and Wilton still living at home with their mother.

Rose Streicher 1940 Census

From what I heard, Rose was a tough lady.  She was heard yelling at her husband to go to work even when he was sick since they needed the money.  She would yell at him with the windows open and all the neighbors could hear her.  Since some of the neighbors were her sisters, they all heard her complaints.  I also heard from multiple sources that Rose she insisted on going on Marcy’s honeymoon.  Also, she did not like Wilton’s first wife and gave her a very hard time.  She seemed to like his second wife, Tina.    I picture Rose as always sitting by the front window staring out of it watching the world go by.

Rose died in 1971 and is buried in Union Field Cemetery, Ridgewood, Queens.  Her sister, Goldie, is also buried there, as are her sons. Rose left her antiques and jewelry to Goldie’s daughters, Merlie and Marilyn.

Rose Streicher death info

Rose and Sam’s sons:


Wilton was born in 1909.

Rose and Wilton
Wilton and his mother, Rose

Rose did not like Wilton’s first wife, Theresa Becker, whom in married in 1936.  Although she was very intelligent, she was not pretty enough for Rose.

Wilton Streicher and Theresa Becker miarriage license
Wilton Streicher and his mother, Rose

            Wilton and his mother, Rose, 1948                                               

Wilton then married to Tina whom I was very fond of, and Rose also like her. Tina was not Jewish and Rose did not seem to mind the Christmas tree in her apartment every year. Tina would often bring me little pieces of plastic doll furniture for the doll house that Cousin Merlie gave me.

Tina and Wilton lived with Rose in her one-bedroom apartment for many years before moving to their own apartment. Wilton was the manager of the Diamond Horseshoe Nightclub which was located beneath New York’s Paramount Hotel.

Tara - Tina Streicher with Beauty - Ira

Tara, Cousin Tina with Beauty, Ira

They eventually moved to Stoney brook, NY, where Tina became the bursar of Stony Brook University

Wilton and Tina had one son.

Wilton, like his brother, died from cirrhosis of the liver.  He died in 1966 and is buried in Union Field Cemetery in Queens, NY.

Wilton Streicher Death Info


Marcy was born in 1916.

Marcy Streicher
Taube and grandchildren, May and Marcy

Marcy                        Cousins May and Marcy with their Grandmother, Taube

Marcy was described as a “mama’s boy” and had warned Estelle that his mother would be coming everywhere with them – including on their honeymoon!  He married Estelle Mehlman on Dec. 31, 1946.

Marcy and Estelle Wedding License

Estelle and Marcy had 2 children, a son and a daughter, whom Marcy adored.  He called them his bunnies.

He and Estelle like to dress up and go out on the town. He loved to drink Southern Comfort. He died in 1957 from cirrhosis of the liver.  He is buried in Union Field Cemetery in Queens, NY.

Estelle told the kids that Marcy had testicular cancer and contracted Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion and then got cirrhosis of the liver from that.

After Marcy died, Estelle married Jack Rancer after knowing him for only 3 weeks.  He adopted the children and wanted tcirrhosiso raise them as his own.  The only problem with that was that he threw out anything and everything relating to Marcy and refused to allow any mention of him.  Marcy’s children grew up not knowing anything about their father or his family.  He also would not let them see their Uncle Wilton and Aunt Tina.  However, every Easter, Wilton and Tina would leave Easter baskets on their front steps for them.

Marcy Streicher death Info

Estelle did not get along with her mother-in-law, Rose, and because of their step-father’s feelings, the children had no contact with their grandmother, Rose.  However, Estelle remained friendly with Marcy’s cousin, May, and the 2 families continued to visit back and forth until May passed away.