Esther has 2 known siblings:

Sam Sterenoz

Her brother, Sam Sterenoz, arrived in 1904 and was living with Esther in 1905.  After that we have no idea where he went or what name he went by.  We know that Esther had a brother who settled in Argentina.  Maybe Sam is the one who went there.

Sam Sterenoz' Ship Manifest 1904
1905 Census Report wih Sam Sterenoz

Rose Stein Antin

Her sister, Rose Stein Antin, was known to the family as “Tanta Ruchel”.  She mostly listed her maiden name as Stein, whereas Esther mostly used Stern. However, on her death record, her maiden name is listed as Stevenson.

Rose arrived in 1907.  She married Abraham Antin who immigrated in 1905..  Rose and Abraham had 4 children:  Bessie Antin Gross(1910 -2007 ), Bernard (1912 – ), Harold (1916 – ), and Seymour (1922 – 2003).

In August of 1913, Rose took a trip with her husband and brother-in-law, David Antin, to Niagara Falls.

Abraham Antin died in 1938 in New York City.

Rose's daughter
Rose’s daughter

In April of 1948, Rose returned from a trip to Buenos Aires where she visited her brother.

Rose returns from Argentina
Rose Antin and Birdie Wissner
Rose and her niece, Birdie Feldman Wissner

Rose died in 1974 in New York.

The Unknown Sibling

Back of Odessa Photo
Back of photo showing name of photographer
unknown photo taken in Odessa area in 1907

There is a picture of what looks like another sister, or possibly Esther’s mother. It was taken in the Odessa area in either 1907 or 1910, based on the name of the photographer and where he was located. Could this be Rose before she left for America, or is it another sister or cousin?

The back of the photo reveals that the photographer was M. D. Elman from Odessa. However, he had a studio in Voznesensk, Ukraine, outside of Odessa. from 1907 – 1910. Since Esther was already in the US during that time period, we can conclude that the photo is not of her.

Outstanding Questions:

Who is in the unknown photograph?
Did they live in Voznesensk or just go there to have their photo taken?


M. D. Elman Photographer