We always thought our Blieden ancestors were from the Riga, Latvia, area.  Now we know they were from Lithuania before Latvia.  Who left Lithuania for Latvia?  Did they live in Riga, or outside of the city? Who brought their pet canary with them when they left Latvia for South Africa?  Which Blieden became the first Rabbi in Muscatane, Iowa? These are just some of the stories you will read about in this section.

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  • the Blieden Surname
  • Riga and Wenden History
  • Zagare, Lithuania
  • Relatives Explore Zagare

Isaacour oldest known ancestor and his son, Ber

Isaac’s Siblings

  • Ayre Leib
  • Mordekhl
    • Pesa Nieburg
    • Zundel
    • Ber
    • Girsh
    • Leib
  • Samuel

Aaron and Hannah – my paternal great-grandparents

Aaron’s Siblings

Hannah’s Siblings

  • Julius Wolfson
  • Yetta Shocket
  • Lena Shocket

Harvey  – my paternal grandfather

Harvey’s Siblings

  • Rose Lily
  • Herman
  • Abraham
  • Meyer
  • Reve Blossom

Harvey’s and Gussie’s Children

  • Arthur
    • Lois
    • Arthur and Lois’ Wedding Album
    • Arthur and Lois’ 25th Wedding Anniversary Album
  • Bernie
    • May
  • Mildred
    • Manny rRch
    • Harvey Eric Rich

Blieden Family Video clips: You can even see some of our Blieden ancestors in action in these Video Clips from the 1930’s:

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