Which one of Aron’s siblings married a first cousin?

Aron, son of Ber Blieden, had 3 documented brothers and 1 sister:  Mordechai, Judel Reuven, Shaya Elia, and Sarah Ida

Note that I complied this information after reviewing family trees sent to me through the years by various people.  I put in parentheses alternate names for the same person.  This is also why alternate birth dates are noted.
Mordechai  (Marcus) Blieden – born around 1844, married Asne Liknaitzky (b. 1849, daughter of Hertze Liknaitzky). He migrated to Israel and is buried in Tel Aviv. He died Auagust 27, 1926.  Mordechai and Asne had 4 children:
  • Abraham b. 06/10/1870, d 05/03/1955 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  He married Bessie Suzmn (Susmanovitch in Johannesburg, SA on 11/09/1891
    • Barney – b. 1916 , d 06/09/1986, Johannesburg, SA
    • Harold – b. 05/01/1917, Johannesburg, SA, married Sylvia Kirschbaum, d 07/01/1991, in Johannesburg, daughter Ruth Blieden who married Marc Leib and their child is Haidee Leib
    • Tille – d 08/1990, Johannesburg, SA
    • Asne – married Sonny Wilder and their children are Alan Wilder, and Steven Wilder
  • Reuben Meyer – b 04/07/1875 in Kovro, Lithuania, d 07/17/1959
  • Miriam – b. 1835, d. in Israel
  • Etta – b. 1872, married  Mr. Klatchko,  and died in Lithuania

Sarah Ida (or Ida Sarah)  married  Joe Hotz who took Sarah’s last name of Bleeden.  Joe was the son of Eliezer Hotz (who was possible a Blieden cousin who married a Hotz).   Joe eventually emigrated to the US and was the first Rabbi in Muscatine, Iowa. Sara and Joe had one son.
  • Louis Bleeden
    • Joe Bleeden for worked for NBC Studios in Burbank, CA and was Johnny Carson’s press secretary.

Shaya Elia – after age  20 we have no record of him.  Could he perhaps gotten married and changed his surname to his wife’s?
Judel  (Iudel) Reuven, born in Zagar, Lithuania, married Sorah Gita Bleeden (his first cousin who was Leib’s daughter).  Judel took his family and moved to South Africa. Sorah Gita’s brother settled in Texas and Kentucky. Her sister, Dobra Bleeden, settled in Cleveland, Ohio Judel Reuven and Sorah Gita had 8 children:
  • Morris (Maurice Samuel, Movsha Shimon) Bleeden – b. 1868 or 1881, d. 04/04/1951 in Parys, South Africa

Morris married Rose Ehlich, they had the following children:

Sidney – killed in a car crash at 4 years old.

Alice married Max Levitt They had 1 son Julian.

Sylvia (Resident Highlands House) (d April 2002)

  • Jacob (Yankel Abram) – b. 1872, Lived in Smithfield never married no family.
  • Hymie (Saul, Chaim Shevel) – b. 1878

Hymie married Kitty (B in UK) They had the following children:

Alan (died 1984) married Cecilia Hall (Bloemfontein, SA – no children.

Betty (Jhb, SA) m Ronnie Kowal (died 1990) They had 3 children:

Selwyn m Ada Gerber   2 boys Russell & Adam (Johannesburg, SA) Esme m Mike Redfern 2 boys Alan & Marc (Johannesburg, SA)

Martin m Debbie Gibson-son Jack & daughter Taylor (Los Angeles, USA) Ronnie died the day after the wedding.

Judy (Toronto Canada) m Sam Lewis(died 1986) 2 daughters.

Jenny m Grant Solomon 2 daughters Ashleigh & Dalia(Johannesburg, SA)

Carmella m Mark Gelgor 2 sons Gabriel-Sam & Dru (Toronto, Canada)

  • Barney ( Barnett, Ber – 1883 or 1893-1941)

Barney: (1893-1941) m Annie Katz They had 4 kids:

1.Sylvia m Harold Bowman They had 3 kids:

Brian (d) m Irene Wolpowitz had 3 kids:

Jacqueline m lives in UK 2 daughters.

Andrew m Cindy lives in US.Vanessa

John m Cathy Katz divorced 1 daughter Laun

         Married Winifred Botha 1 son David (9/6/2000)

Marcus m Rhonda live in UK 2 kids Margot & Daniel

2. Ruth m Michael Goldblatt (d) They had 3 kids

Margaret m Freddie Liebowitz they had 3 kids

David m 2 kids Leslie & Ivan live in Sydney.

Bradley m lives in Clarens, OFS

Jeffery m Pat lives in Cape Town.

3. Rodney (1928-1936)

4. Leslie (1929-1963) m Agatha Grollman (now m to Freddy Hirsch) 2 kids:

Brent Bleeden-Hirsch m 2 kids

Farrell lives in US.

  • Liebe Raiza (Liba Reyza) (b 1870 -d 12/18/1968)

m Barnett Kantor, they had 3 kids:

1. Solomon Lionel Kantor (b 30/4/1912) m Rose Myerson (d 31/12/1999) Ginsberg they had 3 kids:

Ian Robert Kantor (b 19/9/46) m Sue Sternberg then m Yvonne now m Marylou Collins they had 3 kids: Eveline, Matthew & Leonie. Rose Meyerson’s sister m Mr Ginsberg.

Bernard Kantor (27/9/4 m Dale MacKenzie they had 2 kids: Greg & Ami Leigh

David Simon Kantor m Amanda Hands they had 3 kids: Charlotte, Daniella & Eleanor.

2.  Rachel (b 11/2/1915) m Cecil Neumann (24/12/14-11/12/66) 2 kids:  Berry Berenice Leonore (17/8/1948) & Leonard Rodney (b 1/12/52) lived in US m Susan)

3.  Samuel m Riva Selibowitz (m Issy Cohen d) 2 Kantor kids:

Alan (1949) m Patricia Kerbel in US 2 kids: Hayden Seth & Danielle.

Robin m Gill Woolf in UK 3 kids: Suzanne, Simon, Zoe

In 2006, Liebe’s grand-daughter, Berry (Berenice) Neumann emailed me this story about her grandmother:

. . . they came here to Cape Town by ship and that my grandmother, Lieba, brought with her a canary which had survived the fire that burnt down their house in Riga.  Apparently, this bird always used to sing to her mother, who was very ill and subsequently died before they left for South Africa and she felt she couldn’t leave it behind.  Believe it or not, this canary survived the journey from Russia to London and then to Cape Town – quite amazing isn’t it.

Cousins, Liebe and Herman Blieden, stayed in close contact with each other, according to Berry’s mother. Berry also told me that:

My grandparents, Lieba and Ber Kantor came to South Africa by ship in 1911 from London. They had been staying at the Poor Jews temporary shelter there.  As far as we know they came on the Avondale Castle.

  • Bessie (Basche, Tirtsa Basha  b 1884 or 1888, d. 5/27/1951)

Bessie (b 1885) m Robert Lipman 2 kids:

Gertie (1917-1985) m Jack Berkowitz (1911-88) 2 sons:

Alan (1949) m Gill Solomon 3 sons: Paul, Robert, & Gary.

Barry (1954) m Beverley Bloch 2 sons: Steven & Ryan.

Eddie d June 2002 2 sons: Brian m Libby & Basil

  • Sheina (Jane, Sheyne Zelda) b. 1876

Sheina m Phillip Berelowitz 3 kids:

Barney m Marcia Awerbach (Bloemfontein, SA) 3 kids: Sylvia, Alan & Bernard

Sylvia m Brian Greenblatt  2 sons Laurence & Jevon (Johannesburg, SA)

Bernard m Chanie Karbe 3 sons Davin, Ryan & Clive (Johannesburg SA)

Alan (Bloemfontein, SA) m Cindy Claasen (died 2005), a daughter Leah

Natie –never married (died 2005 in Durban, SA)

Gertie – never married (deceased)

  • Becky (Rebecca, Sheyte Riva) – b. 1880 or 1890

Becky Bleeden m Isaac Moffson 1 kid: Sylvia m Abe Frame 3 sons:

Michael m 2 kids in Jhb

Yaron m in UK

Roy m lives in UK