When I was little and we lived in Brooklyn in my Grandma Minnie’s apartment, I always stared at the little bride and groom figurine in her china cabinet.  I The Wedding Cake Topper remember asking what is was there for. She would tell me that it should have been the top of my parents’ wedding cake, only they couldn’t have a cake.  They were married right after a Jewish Holiday and the bakery had no time to open and bake a cake. Over the years I forgot about it, but after my father died in 1973, for some reason, I remembered it and dearly wished I knew what happened to it. The following story is the last page in “My Roots, My Wings”, my original family history book finished in 1980.  It tells my story of finding this little figurine which is so precious to me.   Part 4 of My Roots, My Wings: In the months that followed my father’s death, Aunt Lois and Uncle Arthur opened their home and their hearts to us, as usual.  Although Stan and I desperately wanted Mavra, now 14, to come and live with us, she chose to stay in Teaneck and live with Aunt Lois and Uncle Arthur.  Avra, also went to  live with Aunt Lois and Uncle Arthur, but after a few months she moved into a cabin in the Ringwood woods with her girlfriend Ginny.  It was close to Ramapo College there.  Ira stopped one semester short of getting his Master’s Degree and moved out to Boston in search of a job.  I unenthusiastically went back to my teaching job, had a miscarriage, and thought a lot about the little bride and groom figurine I saw as a child in Grandma Minnie’s china cabinet in Brooklyn.  I really wished I possessed it.  I really wanted to ask Uncle Harry if it were still in Grandma’s Brooklyn apartment which he now lived in.  However, when he and Uncle Hilloh came to pay a Shiva call, Uncle Harry was quite depressed.  He had just given up the apartment and was about to move to Florida.  I dared not ask him. For months we gathered in Teaneck on weekends for the lugubrious task of closing up our home.  Aunt Mildred, Aunt Lois and Stan’s mother often came to help pack.  One day, we were painfully working in Pop’s bedroom when Ira found something in the back of a dresser drawer all wrapped up in tissue paper.  He called me over.  We carefully unwrapped it and I started screaming, for lo and behold, there was the little bride and groom figurine I had so dearly wanted.

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