Do kids today ever wonder how their parents and grandparents spent their time?

Well, last week I went to a luncheon at my sister Avra’s house.  In walked one of her friends carrying a box of pastries from a nearby bakery.  The box was tied with a thin, multi-colored string.  The pastries inside the box looked delicious, but it was the yarn that evoked memories from my childhood!  I had not seen that kind of string for so many years.  I was amazed that it was still used. Just the sight of it reminded me how we always took the string and played Cat’s Cradle with it.  That would keep us busy for hours.

Bakery Box tied with Bakery String

If you don’t know how to play, cut a piece of thin string about 40 inches long and then find a partner.  After you make one of the designs, your partner has to slip his hands in and take the string without messing up the design. Then starting with your design, he or she builds on it.

Cat's Cradle string game

Look here for specific directions for playing:

If you have never played, please give it a try and let me know how it compares to today’s video games for keeping busy!

By the way, it could be frustrating and I don’t think I ever made past “level” 3 or 4!

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    1. Good point, Ira. Neither was I but it was fun to try! I don’t think I ever made past level 3 or 4. I will add that into the post!

  1. It was a great game, but we never used bakery string – just regular string. I remember always doing cats-in-a-craddle.

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