As we approach Holocaust Memorial Day of 2019, I want to publish the family names I discovered last year in the Yad VaShem database of Shoah Victims’ names. (

I always knew that my Grandmother Gussie lost 2 brothers and their families in the Holocaust, but it never occurred to me until my genealogy research in 2018 that they were my great-uncles.  Adding that title to them, made this all the more personal.

I also never knew that other family members from other branches of the family lost their lives.  Even though I mention them throughout the website, I wanted to list them here in one place.  Hopefully, I won’t find anymore names, but if I do, I will add them in. I had no idea, so many people from our family were murdered.

May their memory be a blessing.  We must never forget.

Grandmother Gussie’s Brothers:

  • Leiser Abramowitz and his wife, Mera Hait and his children:  Itzak, Abram, Peisach, Eta
  • Salmon Abramowitz, his wife Sheina Grin and their family

Irving Wosnitzer’s Mother (Our great-grandmother)

  • Seri Hutner

Irving Wosnitzer’s Sister

  • Rachel Hutner and her daughters:  Chana, Hanka, Bella

Irving Wosnitzer’s Sister’s Son

  • Feiga Zylberman’s son, Mayer

Irving Wosnitzer’s Brother

  • Moses Meir and some family members not yet named

Max Wosnitzer’s brother Szaje’s daughter, her husband, and Szaje’s grand-daughter

  • Ester and Moshe Fries, and their daughter, Deborah

My birth grandfather’s half first cousin

  • Ernestine Charipper (1888 – 1942)

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  1. Such sadness is hard to comprehend. Seeing their names and our relationships to family members whose lives were stolen is a reminder that we should never forget.

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